Cowboys Final Preseason Assessment

Here’s a quick and dirty assessment of the team compared to last year. I don’t think a single position got worse. Feel free to disagree or add points.

Coaching: Neutral

You lost Moore, but I think the offense does better with more west coast traits. I’m also glad Mike had outsourced game mgmt duties to smart people since he’s the play caller now

QB: Neutral

Dak is still Dak. I think the new offense has simpler reads, but requires quick accurate throws so it’s a wash for me. Trey is a fun lottery ticket but will have no impact this year.

HB: Improved

Pollard was better than Zeke for 3 years. Many will disagree and that’s ok. I think Pollard and Rico are just fine in short yardage. Deuce is gonna be fun to watch.

FB: Improved

We have one!!!

WR: Greatly Improved

You swapped Noah Brown for Brandon Cooks and a gimpy Gallup for a healthy Gallup with a stud in Tolbert pushing him. Turpin is better and Brooks is basically Noah Brown but is your 6th WR and not your 3rd.

TE: Neutral

I want to type ‘improved’ but that rests on Schoon. Ferguson has looked sharp and will be at least as good as Schultz. If Schoon can grow over the year, huzzah.

OL: Improved

Hear me out. Tyron didn’t go out on a stretcher yet, and until he does, this line is better. ADDITIONALLY, Bass and Richards already look like better quality backups than Waletzko and Farniok ever did. Plus we stole that C from the Giants which gets bonus points

DE: Improved

The personnel hasn’t changed but Micah and Sam Williams both look they took steps this season. Look out for Armstrong putting his resume out there in his play this year as well.

DT: Neutral

Don’t get salty. Yes, we used a 1st rounder but 1Ts take time to develop. If we do improve, it will be over the course of the year. I do expect a bit more juice from Osa though. Do yourself a favor and don’t expect much from Mazi this year

LB: Slightly Improved

We are VERY thin, but Clark looks like a beast. LVE will be himself. I wish Overshown were healthy

CB: Improved

Gilmore >> Brown, even at the age of 30. Daron should be improved as well. Let’s hope Lewis shows no signs of wear and Scott continues to grow.

S: Neutral

They were already stacked. You could claimed Improved based on Yuanyeh, but I don’t expect much outside of ST from the back 3 guys

P: Neutral

Anger still always looks angry, so I still like him

K: Complete Mystery

I’m rooting for this kid, but can’t make an educated assessment. At least no one is whining that he doesn’t have enough power. He put that to rest in a hurry. Best of luck kid!!

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