Observing ‘our’ Dallas Cowboys

Stats are useful as to seeing directions as well as seeing weaknesses already discovered with the same tools used by other teams. Weaknesses need real and adjustable directions to change.

Failures that don’t but fall in a short ranged window and can be solved in a single or even simple actions are relative in a view. Those should not be ignored.

That part is either team building or team improving. One of the most important parts is ability to judge talent on and that can be added to a team. At present, that quality is every inch as good as it was Jimmy Johnson and Jerry Jones started the path to a Dynasty. Once a dynasty is derailed, returning to that is very tough to return to that status. Today’s NFL is that tough to overcome.

Once there is talent, then the design of a plan of attack for both sides of the ball, becomes the directional element that carries a team into confrontations/games. That then becomes a matter of adjustments and in game plans to derail an opponent. That requires experience and accumulated successes on both the coaching levels as well as in the team roster. Success has to grow…and that is a fact. During the Dynasty as well as now.

Insulting the team has no real and excusable place in this picture right now…another fact.

The role of a fan is to help the team in it’s own motivation for their own sacrificing, injuries, and sweat equity in giving back to those fans. It’s not time to bring out a Hero Worship rather than just judging what is currently on the team’s plate. Not even being able to identify progression points and identifying true team needs as they are in fact being developed through those points of progress. At least give honesty a chance here.

Good in a team still has a progression to it. The Dallas Cowboys have that right here and now.

Instead of seeing where his team is today, using past glory stereotypes to beat the head of a simple fan is a poor excuse for a fan. If one wishes to truly own glory of the team’s…buy one then.

Otherwise be a valid fan and share the experience of being a fan.

A fan should both love the sport as it is played, as well as back his team through thick and thin.

Too many assume non-authorized enforcement directed at insult of fans. If a fan is incorrect, then discuss on facts, not on insulted stereotype outside of a reasonable discussion. Not everyone has depth of historical knowledge. Help to educate, not with a brow beating attitude. Then, YOU, aren’t a fan, but a self appointed hindrance to new fans and real knowledge.

This team has a very good staff of coaches. It has a great scouting department for both the draft and possible free agents. There is great communications, as well as time spent in discussion about both, the team and opponents. Knowledge of both are at a very high level now.

Cap management is a very important piece of a team’s stability and growth.

Stephen and the managing elements have invested in top shelf statistical staff as well kept the team view fully up front. That is about to pay great dividends on both on field leadership as well as top talent in the NFL. This includes the most team changing positions…offensive tackle, defensive end, cornerback, receiver, and quarterback.

All of these have been evaluated as top shelf and and everyone will cost at NFL high levels. That’s the cost of the NFL today. But also good management by the Cowboys.

Thanks to you both, Jerry Jones and Stephen Jones…you have done us fans good, here and now.

That same Jerry Jones has always been loyal to his players. He has given them protections of their needs and also gave them opportunity to earn their own place and achieve in a very unstable environment. Football isn’t easy, but it is rewarding for a fan.

Leave sentiments on that level…of being a fan.

Truly appreciate all the processes that are actually necessary in today’s environment. The Cowboys are doing needed tasks as well as have earned fan respect as well…who at least keep up with their with more than just a bad attitude and share shame.

At least be a true fan, not blind, but help their motivations. Be a real fan!

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