Cowboys have some monkeys to get off their backs

While the Cowboys had some momentous marks in 2022 making the playoffs in consecutive seasons for the first time since 2006 and 2007 also winning our first road playoff game since 1992 we also set and continued some futility marks as well.

First Cowboys team to have consecutive 12 win seasons without a championship game appearance. And if we make the playoffs again without a championship appearance will not only continue that mark with first Cowboys team to make playoffs 3 consecutive seasons( regardless our record) without at least a championship appearance.

The biggest futility mark we currently own is the longest draught in NFL history for Divisional Round appearances without a Championship Game appearance. Currently stands at 7.

Cowboys have a ton of moneys to get off their backs. And this doesn’t include the monkeys on our owners back as well as those on our QB’s.

It’s looking like until we finally knock down the Championship Game door after almost 3 decades which is currently the biggest monkey on the Cowboys back, the futility marks will continue. Our owner has already set this as the expectation for 2023. The time is now !!

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