Best Cowboy’s Rosters In the last 2 decades?

How does everyone think this current roster stacks up to the best over the last 20 years? We obviously didn’t get the results we hoped previously but in a lot of ways this has the potential to be the best team we’ve seen in recent memory in 2023. Others were 2022 2016 2014 2009 2007 that had the best shot.

QB- Pretty much a push across the board

RB- 2016 and 2014 offered the best RB situation. A healthy Pollard should be a dynamic starter though.

WR- Would take 2023 over any group

TE- Prime Jason Witten in 2007 is a no brainer. How the 2023 group comes together is a question mark but for some reason I’m not worried about this group.

OG- Martin is older now but still top of his game now likely paired with Tyler who has more upside than Leary, Williams, Kosier, etc.. Give me 2023

C- Frederick in 2016 hands down.

OT- 2014 with Tyron and Free. If Tyron had a better track record of health this would get closer in 2023. Depth remains a question.

DT- Different scheme but Ratliff in 09 gives that group the edge. However, I think this current group is the best DT group we’ve had since that time.

DE- 2023 looks like the strongest group in a while. We’ve come a long way from 2014 with Selvie and Mincey. I’ll leave Ware at outside LB.

MLB- LVE is better than Hitchens and McClain we rolled out in the 10s. Brady James was always a solid player who got paired with Keith Brooking in 09. Edge to 2009?

OLB: 2007 with Ware and Ellis would be my pick. But also depends where you have Parsons.

S: The Cowboys had 2 pro bowlers in 07 in Roy and Hamlin, but Roy took a big decline that year and Hamlin had a fluke year. Would easily take 2023. The rest of the years safety was a big weakness.

CB: 2023 is an easy choice. Newman was an excellent corner but the number 2 was always a question.

ST: Kicking wise 2023 looks far less prepared than during the days of Bailey and Folk.

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