NFL Units Capable of Provoking Nightmares

There are a number of great offenses.

-The Bengals have three elite WRs and perhaps the best pure passer in the league. (Don’t be fooled by Bengals slow start. It’s what they do)

-The Chiefs have the best overall quarterback, Kelce and legendary offensive genius Andy Reid

-The Eagles have the best o-line, and a diversified set of weapons.

But as the Chiefs no longer have top receivers…the offense that is scariest? The one capable of posting 500 yards and 50 points. The one with the greatest speed and most recent innovation.​
…That’s the Miami Dolphins.​

There are a number of great defenses.

-The 49ers repeatedly make opposing offenses look weak and lifeless. So stout. So deep.

-The Jets push a rising unit with stars and few weaknesses

-Those Patriots still feature the greatest offense mastermind ever

But the defense capable of beating you into submission with multiple pass rushers? The one capable of scoring multiple times in a single game with their defense? The one you most fear could break your quarterback or shatter his confidence?​
…That’s the Dallas Cowboys.​

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