NFC – contenders in the next 2 or 3 years?

I've been thinking about the state of the NFC and our ability to contend in the near term. A great 2022 would obviously be the ideal result but what about next year, 2024 even in to 2025?

It seems for a while we've had the same teams reaching the playoffs more often than not, the elite QBs getting their teams to the playoffs again and again but what about now?

You either have a QB you can win with or you need one……unless you have an incredible roster, it's that simple.

7 teams make the playoffs in the NFC each year so who do you see stopping us get in? I've typed this because I'm feeling as optimistic as I've been in a while for the state of the roster and gearing us for success. We've got a really strong, solid QB with a proven W-L record who can lead the team for a while yet. Please, please don't hijack this thread and make it a Dak thread!

So let me dive in…….

NFC South

Saints – no more Brees, no solid QB. They are middle of the road and no 1st rounder next year.

Buccs – surely Brady's last season so they are needing to draft a replacement to contend

Falcons – no solid QB, not exactly loaded elsewhere on their roster

Panthers – no solid QB, even further behind the Falcons

NFC North

Packers – Mr Arrogant looks ready to stop playing literally or figuratively!

Vikings – they are solid enough, Cousins is solid enough

Bears – There's hope for them with Fields but plenty of other roster holes

Lions – can't believe I'm saying this……..2 early slot 1sts next year and 2 2nds – get a QB + other positions – maybe!

NFC West

Cardinals – not seeing it with the HC and QB relationship. Murray looks like a diva.

Rams – no 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th round picks until 2056 I believe……good luck with that!

Seahawks – does Geno turn back in to a pumpkin soon? I'm not sold on them overall anyway

49rs – This one's real but…….they have a QB issue looming and have given a lot a draft picks away

NFC East

Giants – not with Jones at QB. can't believe they are 7-4 with other roster holes

Football team – not with Wentz or Heinicke at QB

Eagles – Ok, they have my respect and 2 1sts next year

Who in that list is going to be in our way – I'm not seeing it. Which 7 other teams are set up for success to stop us reaching the playoffs at least for 2, maybe 3 years?

For me, it looks like the 49rs, Eagles and us fighting for 1st place unless something dramatic changes the near term landscape.


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