Could a Guy Like Qadree Ollison Have Helped Against the 9ers?

Going into the 9ers game, it was very obvious they were an excellent defense. Aside from being a dirty team overall, you have to admit the team was stacked with talent, and they had a very good defensive coordinator as well.

On the defensive side, we could have matched them, or outperformed them even. But to win the game, you have to put your offense in a position to beat the defense. One strategy, against this defense, at least, would have been to use a power back early and often as the proverbial battering-ram type of player/strategy.

And then, you could have unleashed your homerun hitter, Pollard, in the 2nd half and likely had more luck at offensive production, especially with a player with Tony Pollard’s skillset.

I know bringing four backs to the game is a bit much, but if you didn’t trust Davis, which it appears they did not, why not bring in a guy like Qadree Ollison as a surprise?

Just leave Davis on the inactive list. Or whatever you need to do. They obviously wouldn’t have prepared for something like that. And at 233 pounds, the guy is simply a truck. And if nothing else, the defense would have been forced to exert the energy to bring him down, which soften things up for you in the 2nd half.

If you didn’t do this, the only other logical option that makes sense would have been to give Malik the carries, since Zeke wasn’t going to cut it.

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