Cowboys recent character gambles and how they are working out

Kelvin Joseph

Talent wise, Joseph could have been a 1st round pick. Based on projected skill set, he is someone that could have gone between picks 20-32 of he had gotten more playing time at LSU

After showing alot promise in a very small sample size as a rookie, Joseph had a horrible offseason that really made the pick questionable. Since then he has fallen behind 2022 5th round pick Daron Bland, and hasnt looked any where near what he did in his two 2021 starts when he has gotten defensive reps. However, he has been a ST ace

Josh Ball

Picked at the very end of the 4th in 2021, without a DV arrest I think he probably would have been a 3rd rounder. He has some LT traits, but mostly projected as somewhere between Doug Free and Marc Colombo if he hit. Doug Free may actually be a good comp as to what you hoped Ball turned into

After red shirting his rookie year on IR, Ball looked completely lost in preseason. Next year he may have an uphill climb to make the roster. Right now he is that guy you hope you never have to play in a real game

Sam Williams

Williams likely would have been a first rounder if not for a DV charge. He was a better and more polished prospect than Boye Mafe who was picked at 40. I think KC takes him ahead of Karlaftis if there weren't concerns

So far on the field he has been as advertised. Snaps are hard to come by because we have 3 edge rushers on pace for 10 sacks, and another on pace for 8. However when he plays, he really jumps out at you. So far he has 3 sacks and 7 TFL's in 171 defensive snaps.

Peyton Hendershot

Productive Big 10 TE. An intriguing prospect that could have possibly gone in the 4th or 5th if not for a DV charge. 4th is probably ambitious as he wasnt as sound a prospect as Likely or Okonkwo who went at the tail end of the 4th. But upside wise, I think he was up with that deep 4th round class

Hendershot become a preseason darling and not only earned himself a roster spot, but a role as well. He teamed with fellow rookie Jake Ferguson to make the TE position effective with Shultz either out or limited. It looks as if he will have a steady role in the Cowboys offense beyond 2022

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