My thoughts on the draft so far, and where I think we should go next

Here are my thoughts for the draft so far.

With our first pick, we took Mazi Smith NT Michigan. I think this was a very good pick. Was it an "exciting" pick? No. However, it filled a void that’s been missing since probably at least Jay Ratliff. The last time we took a NT in round 1 was in 1991 with Russell Maryland. I was not even born when that happened. Mazi Smith is the type of player that can help us shut down the run and stuff the middle to protect QBs from stepping up. He’s also surprisingly athletic for his size. I know some here aren’t as happy as I am, but this is a pick that’s been needed for a long time. A+ from me.

With our second pick, we took Luke Schoonmacher TE Michigan. Tight end wasn’t exactly my top choice for the 2nd round pick. I’d have liked Torrance O’Cyrus as guard is a key need as well. However, I can see the logic. He’s a good blocker, and he gives us a nice trio of TEs. For me, this pick is meh. I’ll give it a C.

With our 3rd pick, we took DeMarvion Overshown LB Texas. I’m thrilled about the player. He’s an excellent LB with a lot of speed and a hard hitting player. I think this completes our defence. We now have 4 solid LBers. Parsons, LVE, Clark, and Overshown. We will be such a deadly team. The only question that I have about this pick is that we probably could use a WR, RB, or a guard more at this spot. I wanted Tre Tucker, McBride, or Zavala. That said, Tucker went much earlier than I thought he would, and McBride and Zavala are still on the board. I’ll give this a B+/A-

So far, I’d say our draft is meh. Mainly with our 2nd round pick. I love the first pick, and I like our 3rd pick. For the rest of the draft, I think we need G, RB, maybe a WR/QB, and a kicker. For me, I’d like to see the rest of our draft be Zavala, a RB like the one from Pitt or maybe McBride, DTP/Tune/WR (Bobo from UCLA?), and the kicker from Maryland. Alternatively, I’d like McBride, Mafi (UCLA), same for 6, and the same kicker for 7. I think this would fill a lot of our holes. I think Zavala is underrated, as is Mafi. I think this would fill a lot of our remaining holes.

I think these picks would make our draft go from meh to decent. I think we would fill a lot of holes. I’m excited to see what our UDFA class will be as well, considering we are usually very good here.

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