Do We Not Get Tired or Doing the Same Thing Over and Over?

It seems like literally every year we complain about most of our picks. If it isn’t the first rounder, it’s the second. If it’s not the second, it’s the third. From Travis Frederick to Tyler Smith, so many complain about who the guy is just to turn around 5 months later and say “wow good job Dallas!”.

Obviously we have our guys we want and it can be disappointing to be invested in the draft and see a name you don’t want to see. But we have to remember that we are fans and we take media grades and watch some highlights and think we know what the boards are when in actuality we have zero idea what scouts across the league have ranked these guys.

My advice, calm down and take some solace in the fact that if there’s one thing this franchise has done right the last 8 or so years it’s the draft. More than likely, 2/3 of these guys will be real high caliber contributors.

Look at last year. People hated the Smith and Williams picks lol now they are probably going to be strong pieces moving forward. Did Schoon and Overshown surprise me? Sure. But am I losing sleep over it? No way. More than likely we end up really liking the class.

And lmao someone compared this to 2009. We aren’t a top of the league organization but c’mon guys. If you think the 2023 Cowboys are being run like the 2009 Cowboys then you’re just not paying attention.

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