Thoughts on tonight’s road victory!

-I can care less about the opponent, when you win with your backup QB it's like stealing money. We also had several starters out tonight.

-Terrible officiating game on both sides Noah Brown mugged twice, the run into Diggs was just as bad.


-Balance, Balance, Balance!! I was screaming all offseason long that the team's #1 priority was to fix their run game and be able to have more balance. Run game was excellent, it allowed playaction to be very effective. This is the recipe for success!

-OL had it's struggles with penalties in the 1st half, but cleaned it up as the game progressed. Thought both our Tackles played well and noticed Tyler was apart of many of our big gains on the ground with his mobility.

-Thought our two rookie TE's were very good and were a factor in the team's offense success.

-Give Lamb credit, he had that terrible series late in the 1st half, but dominated when the game was on the line. Huge 4th down catch and finished the drive with a great TD grab.

-Hated that 3rd and 1 call when Noah got mugged the second time, run the damn football!!

-That 20 point benchmark is the key, keep on doing this, you will win many games, especially if the other 2 units are playing well!


-Tremendous pressure all game long. Parsons didn't look right, but the likes of DLaw and Armstrong had strong games.

-Run defense on Barkley was pretty solid all night long, yes they gave up 1 big play, but that happens against an elite playmaker like him at times. What killed this defense was Daniel Jones breaking the pocket and gaining so much yardage with his legs.

-This unit cannot keep on extending driving with all these penalties. When you have many 3rd and longs you cannot commit stupid penalties, Lewis, Joseph had a few killers that I remember.

-Excellent catch by Diggs to seal the game, although he should of had multiple picks this game, including a pick six.

Special Teams

-Armstrong had a huge FG block to flipped momentum early on.

-Another huge late punt return from Turpin.

-Maher was money again. Just make the kicks you are suppose to make, which he did.

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