CeDee Lamb and the 2020 WR draft class


Cedee Lamb is second only to Justin Jefferson in career receiving yardage from the impressive WR draft class of 2020.

I’m thrilled that Lamb has developed a lot over the last year and emerged to earn that classic “#1 WR” tag. I had posted a thread a couple of months ago about Lamb not yet being at that level. I’m thrilled to say that Mr. Lamb has since proved me very wrong.

He had gone 17 straight games without a 100 yard game- last 9 games last year and first 8 this year. But starting with GB game this yr, he has had 100 yard games in 4 of his last 7 games and has 8 TDs already this year after only having 6 all of last season. And…he was elected to the Pro Bowl.

Sometimes it’s great to be wrong!

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