All in- When your FO is more worried about the cap than winning a championship

“All in” to most normal people means you are willing to push your chips to the center of the table with some calculated risks in order to win a championship. Can anyone tell me that last time this organization did just that? I can’t.

Bobby Wagner publicly stated this week on the “Up and Adams” podcast that he wanted to join Dan Quinn in Dallas last year. I heard a ton of our fans say “Wagner didn’t want to sign here.” Not true. He did and he’s said it publicly now. Our front office just preferred LVE for less money.

Nothing exemplifies the frustrating philosophy and ham fisted approach this FO has with free agency than not being willing to sign future HOF LB Bobby Wagner last year. Instead, they chose to sign often injured LVE for…wait for it…..$500k less than Wagner. Why does that frustrate me? Wagner last year again placed all 17 games, and was All Pro. What was this defense‘s Achilles heel again? Stopping the run.

Imagine Bobby Wagner last year at 240 lbs stuffing RBs instead of watching 210 lb Marquese Bell getting trucked routinely because once again an often injured LVE was gone by October.

So in essence saving $500k was important enough to this FO instead of going for it. You can’t tell me that 2023 defense with Bobby Wagner would have been bulldozed by Buffalo’s running game or the packers in the playoffs.

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