Quiz: What are you buying and not buying regarding this year’s team?

Buying or not buying?

Every year starting post draft and FA period, the sales job begins. We as Cowboys fans are given dozens and dozens of talking points about our favorite team and how good they will be this upcoming year. One of the greatest salesmen in sports history is our owner. His sales pitch has already begun and it will continue like hot lava until the season ends.

So what ideas are you buying and what ideas are you not buying about the Cowboys going into this upcoming 2022 season?

CURRENT/PROBABLE TEAM SALES POINTS for 2022 (Do you buy or not?)

  1. With the addition of Tyler Smith at LG, the OL will be better. (Buy or Not Buy)
  2. Zeke will be back to form after his knee has healed this off-season. (Buy or not)
  3. Tyron Smith will play all 17 games. (Buy or not)
  4. Tony Pollard will have a larger role in this year’s offense. (Buy or not)
  5. Our new WR corps will be better than last year’s group. (Buy or not)
  6. Kellen Moore has learned a lot more about how to diversify our attack and to better utilize our talent. (Buy or not)
  7. Mike McCarthy will be much more involved with the offense this year. (Buy or not)
  8. Mike McCarthy will be much better with clock management this year. (Buy or not)
  9. Dak will be more comfortable running the ball in spots this year. (Buy or not)
  10. Micah Parsons will be even better than last year. (Buy or not)
  11. Trayvon Diggs will have an even better year in coverage than last year. (Buy or not)
  12. Sam (De) Williams will have an immediate impact in the pass rush. (Buy or not)
  13. The Cowboys defense will be better against the run this year. (Buy or not)
  14. The Cowboys are the most talented team in the NFCE. (Buy or not)
  15. The Cowboys will repeat as NFCE champs for the first time in 26 years. (Buy or not)
  16. The Cowboys will make the playoffs in back to back years for the first time in 15 seasons. (Buy or not)
  17. The Cowboys defense will match or exceed the number of turnovers they created in 2021. (Buy or not)

Here’s my answers: I’m Buying: #4, #9, #10, #13, 14 and maybe 16. Not buying the rest.

So share what your answers are. Which ones are you buying and which ones are you not buying?

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