The biggest difference I see in the Kellen Moore offense

I think a lot of the short passing game and conservative play calling for the Cowboys the first 3 games is more situational than anything else. I do feel like MM has featured his offense more to be based off of having a great defense. A complimentary offense.

We all know Moore did NONE of this. All he cared about was scoring as much as possible with no concern for the defense or team harmony. Some good and bad to that.

I also think the redzone woes the first 3 weeks have been overblown. First two weeks was situational for me. Blowouts, weather, not taking chances by the GL, Jets D. Last week we had 3 olineman missing. So I feel MM specifically went out and and applied the short passing game again, taking little chances deep with the Oline issues. And certainly being down big allowed the Cards to play a deep shell daring us to run.

Plenty has been said about our redzone offense this year being bad as compared to #1 in the NFL with Moore.

THE BIG DIFFERENCE I see with Moore is once he got inside the 30 or the 20 he would love to take that first shot deep to the endzone. He was aggressive in the passing game at those distances. We would often score or complete the passes getting us inside the 5 with a first down.

MM has been much more methodical running the ball and conservative.

Has it been situational or by design? We will find out soon enough.

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