Talented Secondaries We Could Face in the Playoffs?

Let's speculate some. And keep this on the topic at hand. Right now, with all of our guys healthy, we've got Noah Brown, Michael Gallup and Cee Dee Lamb at WRs. We've also got quite the group of TEs.

I'm looking for match ups here, where teams have a good shot at relatively shutting us down in the passing game irrespective of the running game and our defense's performance on the other side of the ball?

I'm strictly talking about passing game vs. a secondary in the passing game. Of course, you have to account for the pass rush, too, so that's a factor. But I'm interested in secondaries vs. our passing attack group and match up we could potentially lose with, say, just an average opposing pass rush in order to assess the actual need for adding someone like OBJ to our offense, or measuring our chances of succeeding without him anyway.

So, give reasons for which secondaries could we face that could pose problems for us if we stay on course to make the post-season?

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