Options for moving on from Dak?

First off, Jerry loves him, so he’s not going anywhere… There’s also that nasty no trade clause…But what if…


Cut this offseason, pre June 1. 89m in dead money.

Not impossible,

Cut this offseason, post June 1. There is no point to do this as his P5 is guaranteed. Literally no reason to do this…

Possible but kills our 23 offseason.

Trade this offseason, pre June 1. A little cheaper than Outright cutting him as his guaranteed p5 would move with him. Still 58m in dead money.


Trade this off-season, post June 1. This is the sweet spot. We would save 31m in cap space for 2023. We would still have 40 million in Dead money, but it would be spread over future years 2024 – 2026.

Trade – You ask why would anybody trade for him? The answer is that since we would eat his remaining signing bonus, the acquiring team would get him on a two year 65m non guaranteed contract. There is actually value in that… Still that no trade clause though.

So there you have it. The only realistic option for 2023 is a post June 1 trade, that Dak agrees to. I think we could get a first round pick for for him… Maybe something like the Carson Wentz deal between Philly and Indy – a 23 third rounder and conditional 24 first rounder. .

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