Is there a better secondary in NFL than Cowboys?

If there is a better secondary in the entire NFL than the Cowboys.. please advise.

– I cannot think of another NFL team that has a better secondary deep patrol than Cowboys.

– It’s only just our starters with Diggs, Gilmore and Bland (all who made huge plays vs NYG)

but also look at our safety starters in Hooker and Kearse (whom I’d dreading we’ll lose per FA)

as Donovan Wilson (out vs NYG) well as our depth guys at safety in Izzy, Jy Thomas, and Bell.

-Jourdan Lewis is just a luxury insurance, imo and he still easily takes a backseat to Bland per slot/3rd CB.

– Overall these guys are sheer, sure fire ball hawks turnover machines. And watch to see opposing QBs hesitating to throw

and pulling the ball down to run instead of airing it out. Expect a good number of " coverage" sacks too.

– No more Antony Brown not turning for the ball in air big plays with Gilmore here.

Diggs is in an INT slump but we saw his other big play skills in popping or ripping the ball of receivers hands for turnovers.

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