Odell Beckham vs Brandin Cooks

Somehow I don’t feel as bad about not acquiring this version of OJ Beckham that’s sign on with Baltimore Ravens, as I thought I would.

Despite his great speed game, Brandin Cooks has never been considered on a par with a healthy Beckham as a pure receiver.

Underline healthy, because that is the key issue with OJ.

– My biggest concerns with Beckham is his current ACL recovery and not even playing a year back to get into play form. it’s time-consuming adjustment.

And this is a guy that is now in his 30’s and has had two ACL injuries.

But I’m starting to be concerned about his durability and hitting age 30 does not help matters.

– Other factors ? Ego? Diva? . Whiner ? He’s an ultra emotional competitor but I think its way to go about that.

Tandrum fits, Locker room and off field remarks, Trade demands or release. Conflicts with the QBs, That seems to have been past issues.

– And for whatever reason, he’s now been on four different team in a short matter of years now.

Although ditto for Brandin Cooks – and his own various teams in short years too. (NO, NE, LA Rams, Houston, now Dallas)

– If physically fit and anything close to his previous form, – OBJ can be an elite WR with the long speed, shake release,

dynamite footwork and open field run skills, and marvelous body control agility and hands to make spectacular difficult catches, even with

defenders hanging all over him.

– Cook is a quality receiver himself, and he’ll add his own game and version of speed and run skills to this team,

And he has not had the ACL and durability issues as OJB, and i continue to love that we traded for him so cheaply (only two late round picks instead

of a premium high pick (as Texans reportedly demanding during the reg season)

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