Idea: How Jerry Could Leverage Being Highest Paid Owner in the Cap Era

Jerry could theoretically hire the best AI experts and football experts, evaluators to create his own AI that’s better than anything the competition is using for their scouting evaluations, thus, theoretically, acquiring more talent by making better decisions, not just on player acquisition, but risk/reward of decisions, say, if his goal were to move up or down in the draft, or trade X for Y player, target certain free agents, etc.

As far as I know, there’s no policy preventing him from doing this, and there are ways to fund it yourself, rather than using publicly available tools, so it could be a proprietary asset.

I’m not saying you rely on this solely, but the capacity and robustness of AI is getting much better nowadays.

I’m sure teams are already using AI systems and analytics data; the key would be making the most efficient tool possible.

Or maybe I’m out of my mind; I’m sure some will suggest that, anyway, which is fine by me. Fascinating topic, anyway.

The other avenue you might pursue, especially for a coach like Mike McCarthy would be an in-game AI tool that advises the highest likelihood of an outcome in certain situations.

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