Happy, sad, confounded about Kellen Moore? A different perspective

Yeah! the scapegoat is dead!? I apologize for the tards that were, and the tards too pass. I can’t apologize for the incompetency that is. I really hate the idea of going back to an offence that ranks 10th to 20th overall every year, which was the preamble to that of Kellen Moore. The offence is Vanilla, it lacks motion and Pizzazz; crap I tell you! I’ll take the wins over that glitz, anytime, anywhere; yes sir, I will. Change is not always good! "The evil that men do comes after them, the good is oft interred with their bones, so let it be with Caesar.///not(Kellen)saying this, personally, duh\." I get it, and hate it, but this is a quote that sticks with me in history as well as sports.

He has done a lot more right than he has wrong and most people would take that.

Not Cowboys fans, I can definitely find fault in his play calling but to blame, the game on the coordinator is lazy. If Dak were on a couplable/cut able/tradeable contract it would be his arse on the chopping block. Despite Kellen’s minor transgressions. Ask yourself? Are you mad with a top five offensive Co. in the league or have you sided with the masses, and joined the easy out scapegoat that everyone has chosen for this insurrection.

Kellen is most definitely a scapegoat, I suffer as a fan of the Cowboys, as much as he does losing his job=(exaggeration financially)=. It’s unjust, wrong, what have you. Somebody will most definitely wreak the benefits,(Chargers), this is the way!?. I hope and pray that Mr. fats McCarthy can pull together an offence that resembles that of what has been displayed over the past couple years… or I guess we will see irrelevancy again. The fact of the matter is a top 10 coordinator is not happenstance, its more of a circumstance. Look at the past Super Bowl winners. The common denominator is,..,,, an elite QB. Or a perfect team, that makes up .for the lack of a perfect QB. We are almost perfect enough to make up for mediocre QB play, if Mr. Irrelevant can squeak into the championship round. So can Dallas with a top 12 QB and a superb surrounding cast.

In some circumstances a change is just, and sometimes that is what you need. In this case, I almost agree. You have to find out if it’s Dak or if it’s Kellen blowing up the mojo. Everyone’s heard the phrase. "The grass is always greener on the other side." It better be the greenest of greens. Why give up on a good thing? Because the circumstance dictates you to do so? I really waiver when people conclude, a change is a good one; just because it is one!@?

Questions/ generalities/ here say, nobody really know until the universe plays its hand; God I miss Vegas. If I was the house, my bet would be on failure; only because I follow the pattern. My biggest discretion is selling Amari for peanuts and hoping you can make up for his production with a #5 wideout like Brown. Fore shame. We are all wannabe’s, but I would take a majority of your ideas over the swill these turds throw about to placate the masses. Sometime I am just embarrassed to have to associate myself with this establishment. (Hey a fan is a fan, can’t help it, 27 years of awesome failurtude and hopelessness. Cheers everybody.)

What I am jawing on about in half English generalities, is mostly this…Kellen might have been bland, but was this a personnel problem?/ assistant problem?/ or an above station problem.? Getting rid of Kellen is a short sided, fan suppressing solution, which I fully suspect will end in sorrow. I believe, Dak has been, and will be the problem, because he fails to grasp the offence in a way that can be deployed in an efficient manner. He don’t scan or process fast enough. If he does, he places the ball short and behind the receiver in almost every situation. If Kellen does go to LA, I really think the Chargers will be top 5 in offence next year; nothing new for Kellen.

I know this post isn’t a hate Kellen post… this is more of a Dak processing an offence problem. I apologize for being a drag but I really think Kellen was being held back by Dak. Run’s up the middle and Curls abound it doesn’t change the fact that Dak couldn’t find the open receivers in a simple offence; good luck Mcarthy.

Excuse my grammar and punctuation. I’m not an electrical Einstein.

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