Camp Observations

What I've been able to see on the limited video available.

Without pads…

  • WR
    • CeeDee flashes a lot of wow plays. Consistency will be the key for him.
    • Vasher flashed multiple times. Maybe a good redzone option.
      • Can be a valuable contributor even if not a high catch percentage receiver.
    • Tolbert looks more like an NFL WR. Solid.
    • Noah Brown looks really good getting open and catching the ball.
    • Dennis Houston flashed a couple of big catches against CBs in the top 4 on the depth chart.
    • Turpin has shown really good hands. He obviously has great speed & elusiveness.
      • Expect to see him get an opportunity to become the smoke screen pass WR.
      • Those passes at the line of scrimmage that went to CeeDee last season.
    • James Washington. Does not avoid physical play but have not seen him get open.
    • Fehoko. I've only seen him catching passes vs air.
  • TE
    • Peyton Hendershot shows up when watching pass routes. Smooth & agile athlete.
    • Ferguson shows more fluidity than I remembered from his college game footage.
    • McKeon. Reminds me of Schultz.
    • Ian Bunting. Noticeably bigger than all other non OL/DL players.
  • OL
    • Tyron run blocking DEs like Armstrong is just not fair.
      • Just drives him out of the video frame.
    • Sam Williams blew past Isaac Alarcón on an inside rush.
      • SW at the QB before Alarcón out of his stance.
    • Not much video of Tyler Smith or McGovern that was good for evaluation purposes.
    • I keep noticing OT Aviante Collins. Nothing wow but didn't see any fails either.
    • I'm still waiting to see Josh Ball.
      • The camera is generally on the LT side & he's been primarily at RT.
  • Edge
    • Sam Williams looks terrific both outside and inside.
    • Fowler looks good as a pass rusher.
  • LB
    • Vander Esch moving much much better than this time last year.
    • Jabril Cox looks smooth but looks like a big Safety.
  • CB
    • Brown looks good.
    • Diggs size/length/strength & technique overwhelms many WRs.
    • Kelvin Joseph. Mostly good but got whipped by Vasher in the endzone.
    • Nahshon Wright. Looked better than others against the length of Vasher.
  • Safety
    • Bell stands out.
    • Not many good views of the others.
  • QB
    • Ben DiNucci has the best physical ability of the 3 backups.
      • Big arm and accurate in pass drills with no pass rush.
      • Very athletic.
      • Mental processing with pass rushers in his face is his challenge.

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