State of the Team

With the season opener just a few week away, there are so many unknowns with this team.

On offense, we're starting with a completely inexperienced wide receiver group until Gallup comes back. Tolbert, Brown, and Fehoko have a combined zero NFL touchdowns, Lamb being our most experienced.

Jerry has made it clear Zeke is the starter, another reason our offense will be held back.

Losing Tyron Smith was a huge blow, leaving Martin our only proven olineman. Can Steele repeat last year? How will Smith hold up his rookie year? Biadasz is a jag, center needs to be addressed next year.

Now lets address the defensive side.

We're all hoping Parsons can build off of last season, and reports out of camp were good. I think our pass rush can be really good if D.Law can put together a year like he had in his contract year, but I doubt that happens. D.Law, Fowler, Watkins, Hill, Gallimore, OSA, and Armstrong had a combined 17.5 sacks last season, with Armstrong having the most (5 sacks).

Linebackers: I think health is the main thing we have to worry about with LVE, Barr and Cox, if they manage to stay healthy, I think that group will be decent.

Safeties: another position that I think is a huge question mark, Can Kearse repeat last season? Who is the FS? Malik Hooker is a jag, it's another position that needs to be addressed next year.

I'm good with Diggs and Brown at corner, hopefully Joseph can take Browns spot by seasons end, he just has more upside, he looked good in the limited playing time last season.

Now special teams

We're good with Anger as our punter

I think Maher will cost us a few games this season, another position that needs to be addressed.

Hopefully Turbin can shore up our PR and KR position

What y'all say playbois?!?!?

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