I’m so excited for this team. but

I have to say.

On paper, to me, this is one of the best Cowboys teams in recent memory.

We have a top-10 QB, a top-10 WR, a top-10 RB (if healthy, and he should be), a solid OL group paired with a defense that has TWO top-end CBs, possibly the league’s best defensive player, top-end pass rushers, and now two big boys to stuff the run inside. Our defense should be the strength of this team, and that’s saying something.

But…every time I start to think we could do some damage, win the ship. I’m just sunk by the offensive coaching staff and the changes we made.

I’m not a fan of Big Mike or Marty’s kid. I really think we are taking a few steps backward this year. I’m not saying the offense didn’t need a change. I think it did. Moore was/is too reliant on comeback routes and failed with game management at times. But his offenses produced points.

Am I wrong? Who else thinks we are going to be hampered by Mike and Marty Jr?

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