Best Playoff scenarios

Since it's Sunday and the Cowboys played on Thanksgiving and we don't have a game today, Let's go over the playoff scenario you would most likely see.

You can do it however you like. If you think the Cowboys get the 1 seed and the bye, hey, it's your choice. If you think the Cowboys don't make the playoffs, that's fine too.

None of this is a prediction. It's what you want to see happen. Nothing more.

Personally, I can see the Cowboys getting the 5 seed, even if we beat Philly on Christmas eve. From there I would love to see them play Tom Brady, in his last game ever, get smoked by the Cowboys. Giving him that 1st loss ever vs the Cowboys.

Then, I'd love to see them play Philly. I'd love to see the Cowboys just smoke, them in Philly, after their "amazing season".

Then, finally off to play the 49ers. Nothing would be better then to play San Fran in another NFC championship game. I'd love to see the Cowboys March down the field with time running out to score a TD and win the game to make up for last year.

In the superbowl, it would be great to see the Cowboys play KC because they've been a top team under Andy Reid and Patrick Mahomes for years now.

To me, that would be the perfect ending to this season. And it would be great to get the monkey off this teams back.

Do I believe it'll happen, no. But it's sure nice to dream.

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