Rusty’s Coaching Staff Scenario

If Kellen Moore gets the Head Coaching job at Carolina, then I think it could be a good thing as it may allow us to get some fresh ideas in on offense. So, let’s assume for this scenario that Jerry manages to convince Dan Quinn to stay and Fassel stays for simplicity along with Mike McCarthy. I’d like to see us hire Jon Kitna at QB Coach, Marc Colombo at Oline coach, and Frank Reich at OC.

Jon Kitna worked well with Dak, and I think Dak would do well to return to having Kitna coaching him. Jon Kitna was his QB Coach in 2019. During that year, Dak had one of his best years as a QB, even if the team was disappointing. So, having Kitna back would give Dak back a QB coach who did well with him.

Marc Colombo did well last time that he was here at that spot, and I think the oline could use his mentality as they did well. While Garrett, Linehan, and Marinelli were horrible, our position coaches in 2019 in Kitna and Colombo did well. I think they’d help Dak refocus and our oline get back to what it does best.

Finally, we come to our OC. I think it’s time we get away from the Jason Garrett-minded offense that Kellen Moore brings. It’s old, and teams know what we are going to do. If teams can figure that out, then that makes stopping us easier. So, I’d bring in Frank Reich as OC. He’s not a good HC, but he’s an excellent OC. I think we would do well with him, and I think that he’d bring fresh ideas to our offense that we haven’t had in a long time.

So, my HC would still be Mike McCarthy. The DC would still be Dan Quinn. The Special Teams coach would be Fassel still. Our oline coach would be Marc Colombo. Our QB coach would be Jon Kitna, and the OC would be Frank Reich.

What do you all think of this coaching scenario idea?

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