Dan Quinn and Kellen Moore Gone Next Year?

I think Tony Romo has been reading my posts (juust kidding) because he was saying some of the same things I've been saying this season during the game like Pollard should start the game, and Zeke should close.

But he was also saying that Dan Quinn is such a good coordinator that he won't be here next year. Same for Kellen Moore, which is why I laugh at all the Moore hate.

Moore called a brilliant game today.

As Gallup continues to rehab, the offense looks more complete lately. And the defense hasn't been perfect, but they're definitely a contender.

I'm afraid the Cowboys will lose our coordinators next year. The way I see it, if you're going to spend money on your team, both Moore and Quinn deserve HC money to come back and coach next year, maybe they should make more than the average head coaches as coordinators.

I still think we've got a shot at the 1 Seed in the NFC (call me crazy). But after this year, I'm afraid we'll lose our coordinators, and that could hurt the team.

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