Extensions in the next two years

There are going to be some extensions in the next two years that need to happen this off-season instead of next offseason. If the Cowboys want to sign long term extensions to their best young players, this would probably be the best year to produce good cap relief in future years. Cap is supposedly going way up next year but not sure of the amount. You could probably sign Ceedee and Diggs to large back loaded contracts now to push the deals way into their prime years. I would say that Ceedee is currently more important, but guys that intercept the ball as much as Diggs are very rare.

I’m more in favor of paying for better trench warfare players overall. Instead of giving Diggs a big payday, I would rather give Daron Payne a big deal. Instead of giving Dalton Schultz a big payday, I would rather package some high picks for Laremy Tunsil and sign him to a massive extension.

Tyron Smith is a strange situation because I’m not sure what his thoughts are regarding playing the next few years. It would give some clarity on whether to attempt trade or extend or just cut.

Tony Pollard’s injury makes a deal impossible to negotiate, and unless it’s for like 8mil power and only like 16 mil guaranteed, I would not resign him either way. LVE injury history means that any offer would need to have very small guaranteed cash.

Dak likely gets extended for cap relief (puke). Either way, the team moves forward with a highly paid guy that needs tons of help from other offensive players to get past the divisional round.

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