Anniversary of Legendary Ice Bowl game, Dec. 31

The NFL rates the iconic Dallas v. Green Bay NFL Championship game, (Dec. 31, 1967) as third best football game ever played. It’s the greatest "Bad Weather Game", they claim, understating things.

Some of us were fortunate enough to watch the game on CBS 55 years ago. I was in high school then, watching on our 20 in. black and white zenith. I’ve been in awe of the game since.

Some of the younger fans here should google the game articles, and photographs, since it is a significant part of Cowboys lore and the team’s legacy. (Id suggest not visiting the NFL sites, as IMO, they are Packer biased and laud that team as deserving of the championship. Take that how you will.)

-13 below at kickoff, avg. chill factor at -36 degrees…the field was frozen and patches of ice present. Very few of the players wore gloves, some wrapped hands in tape or bandages.

Ray Scott, Jack Buck and Frank Gifford announced the game. Summerall and Tom Brookshier reported on the field.

We all know how it ended. Bart Starr ran the sneak from 2 feet out on 3rd and goal, scoring with 16 seconds left to go. Packers won 21-17.

CBS allowed Gifford to do post game interviews in the loser dressing room, which the NFL rarely allowed. Tom Landry said, "Today on the tundra at Lambeau, the better team lost."

Don Meredith expressed pride and admiration for the guts and determination of the team.

WR Lance Rentzel a week later told a reporter that, "Not one word was spoken on the plane trip home to Love Field in Dallas."

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