State of the Cowboys week 17

Dallas should have spent parts of last week preparing for Tampa Bay.

It certainly looked like they did in an uninspiring but workman like 14-point victory.

12-4 is really salty stuff.

Dallas has done jack squat in the playoffs since 1995 but 12 wins gives you a shot this year to change that narrative.

***3 of the 5 Super Bowl trophies were won after 12-win regular seasons.

Dallas has had some solid health this year but it has been tested of late. Losing 2 CBs and now 2 OL is not great. It’s not always sheer numbers of injuries but how they deplete a position group that kills you. Thankfully, Dallas seems to have just enough OL to hold on here. But CB is an issue. Nashon Wright is a better player than Kelvin Joseph today, but he is very much system based.

Micah and DLaw are playing injured and hopefully get the week off. Sam, Dorance and Dante should be fins for the Commanders.

This should also be a Cooper Rush week.

Dak tweaked his knee and should also get a week off to just rest up.

As we look at regular season stuff.

The win total and the overall offensive and defensive performances are more than expected.

Dallas schedule turned out to be quite tough. And they still handled it even with Dak out 6 games.

Kudos to the coaching staff and the team for that.

I’d prolly play Pollard this week just long enough to get his 1000-yard rushing season.

I’d play Alan Ball with some rest for Tyron Smith.

I’d sit Zeke so he is fresher for the playoffs.

CeeDee Lamb has had a superb season and they probably let him stat pad.

I’d definitely sit Schultz but that can be political as he is a UFA after the season so likely wants all the stats he can muster.

So.. Tampa:

Tampa has been throwing the ball A LOT.

And Brady is getting solid passing totals but it’s a bit of smoke and mirrors.

Mike Evans is a really good WR1 but after that they are hurting at WR.

Chris Godwin is much like Gallup. He is getting a lot of 4 yard routes because they don’t trust him to get open down the field.

And there is no major TE component either.

Brady is Brady so he finds guys and is moving the ball via scheme but they aren’t scoring it that much.

17.7 points per game is kinda gross.

They have been unable to run it at all.

And the defense has been soft.

Teams are easily outrushing TB.

The reality is Brady curse aside, Dallas couldn’t ask for a better road playoff matchup. Great weather and a team with only 1 WR (cover Mike with Diggs obviously) that can’t really beat you running it.

Then the Pollard/Zeke combo should be able to run it versus Tampa.

Dallas by 5 will be the spread IMO.

But we got to get to that match up so here’s to a week of rest and good vibes as we look at other results around the league.

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