Time to play offseason GM

Deferred signing bonus is death. So, it will dictate the timing of certain moves.

If Tyron will give a team friendly 3 year renegotiation(highly unlikely), then keep him. Otherwise look to trade him post June 1. Maybe a 2nd rounder for a LT with his accolades.

Zeke ran himself out of town with his performance the last 6 games. Like a 1.5 yard per carry average. Designate post June 1 cut.

Schultz has very good hands and is a great runner after the catch. He is a below average blocker that has a ZERO IQ in late game situations. Time to wave good bye as we need to save money with our younger guys. Unless Dak will take a smaller salary to keep him(which won’t happen).

I am all in on a 4 year 20 million on Pollard. Any more than that, he should be shown the door. Drafting inexpensive young backs would be my path. Lots of good ones in this draft. Give me the kid from Texas early or the back from Illinois in the 3rd.

Sign Wilson. He is underrated.

Try to bring Brown back on a two or three year (team friendly) deal.

Sign LVE to a 3 year x 14 million or say good bye.

Draft a kicker mid to late round.

This is all very easy stuff. So, expect our FO to screw it up.

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