Thoughts about today’s win!

-20 points is the benchmark, with a strong defense and good special teams they will win many games if the offense reaches this number.


-Cowboys couldn't run the football what so ever but they stayed with it and got a few big plays off play action. OL really struggled, but to be fair, Washington's interior is very talented and good. OL did well in the penalty department.

-Rush got away with two bad interceptions due to penalties by Washington's Defense. I thought this was his worst game out of the three, but a lot has to due how well they played defense against us.

-Gallup was a huge factor in today's victory. Big 3rd down conversion, TD before half and drew a long penalty. Lamb had another strong outing, most important no dropped passes.

-Shultz is hurting this team more then helping it, thought our TE play was much better last week.


-Defense had a lot of struggles stopping the run again, especially in the 1st half. Washington used the same runs that TB had success with on the outside. This is an area of concern.

-Pass rush was very solid, but I expect more from this group. Parsons still doesn't look the same since the Cincy game. He is still affecting throws, but not flashing as much. Fowler another strong game.

-Diggs had a very strong game defending a legitimate top WR. The 2 fourth quarter pass breakups ended the game. We have two legitimate playmakers on this unit, don't forget about Diggs. By the way, Lewis might not see his job when he returns, thought Bland played real well, which including a game sealing interception.

Special Teams

-Maher was very consistent once again and he probably saved 2 points with his tackle in that blocked extra point.

-They almost blocked another FG.

-Anger had that poor punt when field position was paramount.

Good grind out win, but now the schedule gets harder the next 2 weeks on the road against top competition, who knows if Dak returns in that span and how he performs after the layoff.

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