Cowboys are one Eagles loss from controlling their destiny

The Cowboys laid an egg on offense in the first week. A lot of fans who questioned not playing starters during preseason were vindicated in that loss. The Offense clearly wasn't ready to go.

Since then, the Cowboys have lost only once…on the road…against the team with the best record in football who played in front of their hometown crowd…while the Cowboys were playing with their back-up QB who threw 3 interceptions…and it still took a late 4th quarter drive for the Eagles to put the Cowboys away.

Still, all it takes is one Eagles loss, and the Cowboys are back in the driver's seat. If the Eagles lose just one game against any other NFL team, and the Cowboys win out, they will own homefield advantage in the playoffs. The Giants lost today, and the Cowboys are back in 2nd place in the NFC East.

In the 2nd half of last game and the game today, the Cowboys have scored 70 points – an average of 11.7 points per quarter. The offense scored 63 of those points – an average of 10.5 points per quarter. It appears that the offense may have regained their form from last season, when they led the NFL in offensive production and scoring. With a suffocating pass rush and pass defense, teams are reduced to rushing against the Cowboys, and if they don't have an athlete playing QB (Daniel Graham, Jalen Hurts, Justin Fields) then they still have problems creating offense against this defense.

Obviously, the Cowboys still need to work on their rush defense, and if they do make the Super Bowl, they'll probably have to contend with either Mahomes or Allen at QB. So, this is a serious problem they need to solve to win a championship, but…

When the Eagles come to Dallas at the end of the year, All-World LT Tyron Smith will be back at LT. New Road grader LT Tyler Smith will kick inside to LG, and the Cowboys Oline will finally be healthy together. Dak, the guy who has owned the Eagles for years, will be back under center, and Rush will be on the sidelines. They will be playing in Dallas, not Philadelphia.

The Cowboys have a week to rest and get healthy. This team has the best chance to get to the Super Bowl of any team in Dallas since 2014. Buckle up your chin strap. Get the Popcorn ready. The 2nd half of the season promises to be quite the show.

Go Cowboys!!

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