And we should have lost last week too

So think about that, they "escaped" last week against the 1-win Texans.

And then the Cowboys mentally prepared all week for the feisty Jags, and blew a 17-point 2nd half lead, and lost.

And really, they were simply fortunate in this game too with Lawrence’s late-game fumble, because Kearse miraculously (and luckily) hit the football – because he didn’t hit Lawrence, hec, Trevor may have ran for another 10 or 15 yards if Kearse didn’t fortuitously hit the football out of Trevor’s hands. So the Jags were going to go for the win in the final 90 seconds without that fumble anyway, with a ton of momentum.

And even with THAT, the offense couldn’t get a first down, with bad play calling and bad execution all around, and had to punt the football back immediately.

So really, the Cowboys were simply fortunate on many levels to even make it into OT. And of course, we saw no creative plays in OT either, just the same ol’ plays, followed by some dinking and dunking and hope with broken plays.

But this team is pretty beat up on defense, so I’ll cut the Dee and Quinn a little slack. But the offense???? Come on, man! The lights are just too big for Moore, to ever believe he’s going to lead us into a den of wolves with a creative game plan and well-timed play calling. And Dak doesn’t have the quickness or the arm talent to overcome Moore’s play-calling and play designs.

Kellen wasn’t good with Garrett, why did McCarthy keep him????

Damn that Jerry Jones!!!!

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