Cowboys Red Zone and overall offensive improvement

One of the biggest issues with the Cowboys offense to start the year was its lack of Red Zone efficiency. Man has that changed. In the first 5 games, the Cowboys converted touchdowns on 7 of 19 red zone trips (36.8%). Since then, they have scored touchdowns on 25 of 38 red zone opportunities. (65.7%)

After the loss to San Fran back in October, the Cowboys have been a different team offensively and their red zone efficiency is just one of several impressive improvements. Here are some more big examples:

  • Since the SF loss, Dak has thrown 23 TDs and 1 interception. No other QB in the league has been as efficient.
  • In the last 3 games, the Cowboys red zone efficiency is 71%.
  • In the first 5 games of the year, Dak averaged 212 yds passing per game. In the 8 games since the SF beat down in game 5, Dak is averaging 305 yards passing per game.

One belief I strongly hold regarding all NFL teams is this: Don’t judge a team‘s abilities or inabilities before November. Because what you see in Sept or Oct is not usually what that team will be later. It takes a long time for a team to develop. This year is a perfect example. It’s why it now takes 17 games to decide playoff seeding. Lots of football left of course but this team’s offense has dramatically improved.

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