Don’t trick yourself into thinking the Eagles success will motivate Jerry this offseason

It won’t. They didn’t change much after 2017 and they definitely won’t this year. They will likely handle this offseason like they have the half dozen or so previous ones.

In the real world, because GMs time is limited, they don’t have the luxury of tricking themselves into believing that the team he built is really good, just let down by bad luck or circumstances. The GM for the Giants doesn’t have the luxury of thinking his team is just as good as Philly and that it was just fate or whatever that gave the Eagles the nod over them. To keep his job, the Giants GM has to be honest with himself and admit where his team is at.

Jerry and Stephen don’t operate in that world. There is no pressure from above. Their jobs aren’t on the line. They can approach each and every offseason believing that their roster is loaded, that they are just as good as Philly or KC or the 49ers. And that’s absolutely what they do. I have little doubt Jerry thinks this roster is stacked and just as good as any other team in the league. And they will continue to do what they always do, nickel and dime in FA and tell everyone they are such good drafters that they will fill the holes that way. It hasn’t worked like ever in the Jerry as GM era but again, it doesn’t matter. Because reality and results don’t matter. Jerry’s and Stephen’s "feels" are all that matter. And their "feels" tell them that they have done a great job building the roster and just need to tinker here or there or with the coaching staff. There’s no pressure, there’s no one above them asking if they have this **** right. There’s no one questioning their plan that holds their jobs in their hands.

It’s not surprising with that kind of set up that this team has been arguably one of the worst postseason teams since Jerry took over the GM job full time. When there’s no external pressure, no means to get you to focus and be honest with yourself, it’s unlikely one can ever really succeed. And it’s not changing anytime soon as Stephen appears to be even worse than Jerry.

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