Conspiracy Theory Question: Was Tyron’s Injury Staged?

I know I'll catch some flak for this. But I'm also curious. I understand the power of a story, and I also understand the tricky numbers game when it comes to rosters. I also understand that teams have to manipulate the roster, sometimes, in order to bring who they want to specific games. And then, we all know how being healthy in the post-season can make a break a team's chances at a run.

So, before the season, we were all predicting that Tryon Smith would be injured for at least several games during the season. And many of us were upset that not much was done to address the issue, even though Tyron was at camp and healthy.

Then, what we were all predicting would happen, of course, happened. A fluke injury where Tyron goes down, untouched, and then later we're told Tyron was fine, but giving "grunts" as a response to how he felt. Then the next day, we hear a story about how Tyron Smith's hamstring came clean off the bone during the play in which he collapsed untouched.

Could this have been the plan all along?

Could the Cowboys have had enough faith in Tyler Smith to orchestrate a sort of Wag the Dog move where, on the surface, it appeared Tyron Smith was injured during practice, but It just so happened to be during a practice in which in-house media was streaming live.

So is there any chance at all that this could have been an orchestrated "stash" move?

If it was, I'd be impressed. I know some of you will say that no way are Jerry and Stephen smart enough to pull off something like this. But I beg to differ. They've been doing this long enough to where maybe they aren't smart, overall, but they'd know how to do do something like this.

The Cowboys have cut Terrell Basham, and Beckham isn't supposed to arrive for a visit until December 5. So, it looks to me like the Basham move was to make room for Tyron Smith.

What are the chances that Tyron comes back at 100%? What are the chances his injury was a way to manipulate the roster and keep Tyron Smith healthy for the playoffs.

If he were to come back that would certainly make our line better. And having sat out for the first 11 games, would also increase his chances of staying healthy for the playoffs. He's the kind of player who I think needs very little practice.

In any case, just an idea. I'm not making any claims. Just wondering how many of you would be willing to consider that Tyron's injury was plotted. If it was, I think it's a pretty bright idea.

If it wasn't, well . . . let's just say I hope Tyron Smith can come back and make an impact anyway. I know some think that moving Tyler Smith inside is a "mistake," but I don't see it that way. And I don't think the Cowboys do either.

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