From Most Prolific to Back to the Basics: Deuce Needs to Produce

Firstly, mods. Please chance this Title to From Most Prolific to Back to the Basics: Deuce Needs to Produce.

I wanted to say, "He hasn’t been flashy, but one play showed me how he was indeed a willing blocker in a real game and that still gives me hope about Deuce Vaughn. So, he can actually get low and cut you, which is exactly what he did against the Patriots, late in the game. But he can also get off a block at that size.

So Deuce passed that initial test with me on some level. He showed he can actually find a way to block, and sometimes, it gives him an advantage. Just not so great where he can overcome the tell beforehand, like they’re telegraphing where the play is going any time Deuce is in. They need to let things unfold more and not force it to him.

For Deuce to be effective, you have to fake it to him and move him around some… sure, you can give it to him, but he’s more of a trickier sort of gadget back, one who could become a good player in the league. He just needs some work, and the NFL really exposes his size limitations. That said, I know he’s got some game in the right system.

So, again, I realize Deuce needs to produce, and I’m here putting my foot in my mouth. So what? I still think he has a role in the offense, at times. Maybe he takes a year or two to develop, because his speed isn’t so uncommon in this league. I just can’t help but think McCarthy and Shottenheimer hasn’t done him any favors.

1.9 yards on 33 carries. Who’s taking bets he’ll be at 3.1 in his first 100.

The Cowboys should get more comfortable with him as a player, because they can incorporate fakes and mis-directions. The stat I would like to see is how well the rest of the offense does on Deuce’s reps.

Anyway, the player I always envisioned Deuce having a breakout game was San Fran. But you can’t just run him into a wall, and really need to think about ways not to telegraph where the ball is going for him to succeed. Emphasis on not Telegraphing [to the players, I mean, pre-snap].

That’s it. Here we are heading into game 5. The season got here fast. Time really flies.

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