Dak might be the best NFC quarterback in the playoffs

Looky what we have here….

In my mind, there are 5 legitimate teams in the NFL right now. Buffalo, KC, Philly, Dallas, and San Fran. The rest are maybe average at best and mostly just gawd awful garbage. This is the weakest NFL I've seen in my lifetime.

As such, an interesting development is occurring. Dak Prescott might be the best QB of the NFC teams that make the playoffs. Seriously.

Unless Rodgers or Brady figure out how to resurrect their catatonic teams, the candidates are Jalen Hurts, Jimmy Garoppolo, Kirk Cousins, Daniel Jones, Geno Smith, Marcus Mariota, Matt Stafford, and Dak Prescott.

Rodgers, Brady, and Stafford seem to be on the outside looking in. All three are running for their lives. So Dak and Cousins might the class of the NFC playoffs.

So attrition aside – and injuries will decide much of this – the Cowboys' ability to run the ball and play defense is quite formidable, along with Dak and his tight-end trio of goodness. Another wide receiver is unnecessary.

San Francisco is the scariest if they get it figured out. Philly is half good and half fraudulent because of a cupcake schedule, and none of the rest concern me in the least. Again, attrition aside.

Let Buffalo and KC laugh at the NFC for now; here's hoping the Cowboys can earn a chance to try them. Not a team in the NFL wants to go against this Dallas front if it's healthy come playoff time.

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