Dak Is Playing at a New Level

Everyone who drools over Brock Purdy should look at how Dak is implementing some of the same concepts recently, which is what I’ve said they should be doing for 2-3 years straight, even though I am a fan of Kellen Moore.

McCarthy’s offense is also in this scheme also isn’t like his offense in Green Bay. That playbook is actually online, if you care to look for it. I found it on Reddit. But this is more similar to the Seahawks, and just Dak Yard football.

I’m likely to go to strange levels to analyze talent, and I’ve seen Dak’s talent since his rookie year. I’ve always fancied myself as a Romo fan. But I never saw Dak coming whereas I sort of thought Romo was the man shortly after we got him. My limited analogy at the time was Drew Henson was more of a pitcher while Romo remined me more of a short stop, center fielder type player, since baseball was where I cut my scouting chops. Dak was just a 4th round pick, who I didn’t know much about.

Applying that to football, I took the liberty of looking up some of Dak’s high school tape, which shows him basically doing the same things, head fakes, pump fakes, quicker throws, runs, etc. Apologies if I’m a little late. I almost forgot yesterday was Flash Dak Friday.

Anyway, the changes in the offense have been the best thing that could have happened to Dak’s career, and it’s good to see, especially after that tough injury he had. And, really, if you’re honest about it, there’s no better guy for this team, than Dak Presott. Man, what a journey this guy has had in his career. And look at the level he’s come to kno. We always bash our QB, because muh twenthy seven years, and all that jazz. But the truth is, Dak has a truly interesting journey to the NFL: one that he and every other Cowboy fan should be proud of. There were no off years, or QB purgatory between Romo and Dak, and we’re finally building championship-level teams. That’s not to say we’re guaranteed a championship. But no team ever is.. It’s all hindsight.

Win, lose, or draw, we’re 9-3. There haven’t been all that many season like this. Sure, it’s not entirely impossible. I’m just saying this is a great season. Probably the best season I can think of over the past decade… coming off of COVID, and the year after, until now.. it’s almost time for Dallas to win.

Maybe it’s in the script, maybe not. If it does happen, it’s good for the team, the fans, even the economy. Dallas winning is truly a win win for everyone.

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