What Dak is Doing Is Not Normal

This performance surge is not normal. In fact, I can’t think of another QB that had late career surges like this. I give up trying to project QB play. For me it goes back to Wentz vs Dak. I went back and forth on that 10x before Wentz fell off the cliff.

But Dak was no saint then, and until after this years bye week, I saw the same Dak I always have seen since after his rookie year. Consistently inconsistent, game to game and even qtr to qtr. He COULD be awesome, but also COULD be a tragedy at times.

All this time I have assumed Hurts had the ultimate higher ceiling due to youth, and yet Dak has become randomly…consistent. But he’s also randomly….better. ALOT better. Better than he’s ever played, and that makes 0 sense to me at this stage of his career. I keep waiting for his inconsistency to pop out and say hi and it just hasn’t yet.

I know we’ve played some bad teams in that stretch, but he was great against the eagles and the Seahawks (who admittedly played their best game of the season IMHO).

My complaints against Dak have almost all gone sideways. His pocket presence and footwork has improved ALOT, despite not great pass pro. He keeps his eyes downfield. He is balancing using his legs better than I’ve seen since his rookie year. He even throws the ball away ON PURPOSE when he needs to. He’s throwing with anticipation and letting his instincts control his aen and he seems so relaxed doing it. Maybe my only complaint that still has life is his accuracy isn’t always great on every throw, but he’s throwing some dimes lately.

Am I wrong in this? No one can convince me that he was this good all the time. I’m not looking for a Dak worshipper to tell me it was always like this because I know it wasn’t. Even you apologists have to admit it’s on another level right now. But the Dak critics also have to see it.

The guy is absolutely balling. Let’s pray he had some late career eureka moment and that this sticks, cause if so, I’m not worried about QB for a while. Hopefully MVP Dak is here to stay.

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