Dak is Good Enough to Drive the Bus

I said this over and over last year, and many twisted it into an anti-Dak thread or a pro-Dak thread. This is neither of these. This is just breaking down the facts of team-building and the real-world chance of 1 in 32 that Dak could QB a team to a championship. As we’ve seen before, when his line is not blocking, when he gets rattled, when his primary WR gets stymied and his number 1 RB injured, he can’t put the team on his shoulder and get it done. Or maybe he can, but we haven’t seen it in the games he’s played thus far, but still has it in him. Who knows? We could debate that all day….

What I’m almost certain of is that he’s good enough to drive the bus if the right pieces are in place. I think he can get you there, and then some. I think he could dominate with the right guys around him, which is why I’d be hesitant to not bring in D-Hop. When an opportunity like that presents itself, I think you go and get it.

I don’t even think Gallup would be mad about that, although saying to bring in Hopkins is not a bash on Gallup. I don’t care what people say about last year. The dude is still a baller. And part of me knows that just Gallup, Cooks, and Lamb is a load for any team to handle, especially if they have to deal with a Tony Pollard or a Deuce Vaughn and our TE four horsemen, or whatever they end up being, but I have a feeling people will soon fear our guys. Lunda Wells is one of the best under-the-radar coaches and just doesn’t get enough credit, in my humble opinion.

I can’t wait to see what training camp brings. We brought in quite a bit of weaponry and you know Dallas is hosting an open competition at WR, at least I’d say. So I’m looking out for guys like Durden, Brooks, and my boy Cropper. I’m also excited to see some guys back from last year or whatever. I think pound for pound, the 2023 UDFA class is just better, and there are some ballers in that group.

Of those guys, plus our draft picks, Dallas has a chance to really construct a dynamic offense and defense. I expect the overall competition in the NFL to be up overall, too, because people are out more, football is getting bigger again, and there’s an influx of athletes coming in to take jobs.. it’s always fun to watch that part unfold. For now, the tension builds up as news breaks about Parsons’ tweets.

With the right personnel on a Parsons-led defense, and the right tools in place for a Parsons-led offense, I have no doubt Dak can get it done with the right tools. The biggest question lingering right now is: to get D-Hop or to not get D-Hop after June 1st?

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