Could Princeton Fant be the Steal of UDFA?

I’m taking a second look at this guy, Princeton Fant. Anyone who has paid attention to what I have said leading up to the draft knows I liked Jalen Cropper. I just think he could have a place on the team, as a WR who comes in at times to stir things up. He’d be especially good at that in the NFL, at the 3 read, because he knows how to get open, and he’s very QB friendly.

But I’m imagining Cropper in a WCO offense. And I’m now seeing what the scouts must have been seeing in Princeton Fant. Mike McCarthy wanted players who can play several positions, or do more than one thing, i.e., no one-trick ponies if it’s possibly his last year in big D. He wants a trim roster, so he can get the guys he wants onto the field. Anyway, this Princeton Fant feller. He’s got some Noah Brown in him off the bat. People say he isn’t an NFL receiver. I call BS. He can be. He can also be that FB, TE, HB type player too – like a poor man’s Deebo Samuel.

Hear me out on this guy. He’s a type of player who can play FB, check, WR, yeah, a little, check, RB, check, TE, check.. He’s got the attribute to move around, especially in a motion-heavy WCO. The Cowboys are better when they’re running motion plays, and I expect to see more WCO motion and WCO quick-release plays, where, all of a sudden a guy like Princeton Fant can become an interesting tool in the toolbox, sort of a Jack of all trades type of guy McCarthy was looking for. He’s got some game in him. It’ll come down to if he has that proverbial dog in him, but I suspect they may have his head spinning by TC. But there’s a chance that could pay off for him and Luepke who is a similar sort of player.

Lastly, I wonder what Fant’s RAS would be at WR, RB, TE, and FB….In the NFL, he makes a better WR, FB.

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