Offensively, Cowboys lost game against Commanders on 1st & 2nd Downs

Against a top 5 D-line of the Commanders, the Cowboys proved incapable of rushing the football. Ezekiel Elliott rushed 6 times for 16 yards and a 2.7 average/carry. Tony Pollard rushed 7 times for 19 yards and also a 2.7 average/carry. Plus, our WRs were constantly unable to get any separation or get open throughout the game. The end result was drastically dismal during 1st and 2nd downs, constantly leaving the Cowboys Offense in 3rd and 5+ all game long, a perfect recipe for the failure of a performance we all saw yesterday.

That’s not including the terrible decision making and execution by Dak Prescott or the playcalling by Kellen Moore. A total clusterfudge is what happened. Inexcusable, but it all starts up front with our Oline. This Oline needs to perform much better, win their individual battles and get some push or open up some running lanes for our running backs or this Offense will perform just as badly a week from now in the playoffs against the Buccaneers (who also have a stout Dline and defensive front 7) as it did yesterday at Washington.

Our Oline has to perform much better, get some push and win their battles (both during the run and pass) to allow better 1st & 2nd down results or the Cowboys will end up one-and-done during this year’s playoffs. It all starts upfront. Our Oline has to show up and perform much better.

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