Cowboys finally have path to a Super Bowl

We’ve been waiting since the 90’s for a team we thought could return this franchise back to the glory most of the last two generations grew up with.

We’d hoped could hit on an Elite QB that could carry us but that never developed . But when we least expected it in a draft we were focused on drafting a couple CB’s with our first pick , low and behold the greatest player fell right into our laps.

We were fairly excited we had drafted a solid pick while not addressing our secondary but we had no idea Parsons was fixing to elevate our defense to a level we could only imagine .

Parsons is a generational talent. We’ve had a couple HOFamers earlier this era despite no championship caliber teams in Ware and Witten. And it appears we have a couple more on OL in Tyron and Martin. But none had or has the potential to change the course of Cowboys Football.

Honestly, I had pretty well lost all hope this dysfunctional ownership would ever get lucky and find that talent which could carry this team deep into the playoffs and beyond. But I believe the lottery has come in.

This game yesterday was a true test. I had the Rams winning this game going away. Im all in on Parsons now. He’s a game changer . He totally takes the opponent and QB out of their game.

This is MVP type of performance and could very well lead this dysfunctionally ran franchise further than we’ve been . We still have more test coming in Philly and later in Green Bay for example but we’ve passed the early test. And this is without our starting QB which should be able to add a little more offensive punch to prevent these games from being as close .

I didn’t think I’d ever say this again in my lifetime. But Cowboys Football looks bright. Thanks to Micah Parsons.

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