Is Micah really worth a record breaking deal?

I know I’ll get bashed, I know it’s not time, but we have to get our thoughts ready for this record breaking deal. In his first season, he blew the league by surprise because obviously no one knew what he could do as a rookie.

2nd season, I think we as fans are still living in the bubble of his first season. With these players, we need to go case by case, season by season. Every year there seems to be a new dominant player, or a team that comes out of nowhere to surprise everyone.

I said that to say, let’s take Micah since he’s the topic of this post, on a season by season basis. Year one was dynamic, year two, he was good, but often burned out! I’ve never seen a second year player burned out like that……

Contractually and I REALLY don’t care what he gets, it’s neither my money or yours. I just think we’re basing his every move off of year one. I’d like to see him be that dominant force in the league, to me there’s a few guys ahead of him.

He said weeks ago that he wants to affect the game and he isn’t worried about sack totals. Believe it or not, I almost cried hearing that!!! It’s not just about sack numbers, but what else you can do, to have that ultimate impact on the game.

So let’s see what he does this year by taking over games and doing what he needs not worrying about numbers!! Once again I will get bashed and I accept it!!! Please give your thoughts!!

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