This is the Year to Go All In

Make those trades to go for it all this year. The tide is turning where Rodgers and Brady are on their way out the league. Brees is gone. Russell Wilson is no longer here or a thread. The other top 3 teams record wise is Eagles, Vikings, Giants.

We all know Giants are playing way above their means. We beat them on the road with Rush. They will come down to earth.

Vikings have Cousins so that automatically means they don't need to be feared. They do have offensive talent but when he's under center, he will never fully maximize it over a season.

With the Eagles remaining schedule, they could possibly be the #1 seed. But they aren't some team you point to that's head and shoulders above everyone like we have seen with top teams in the past.

NFL window is way too short o make long term plans. We are 6-2 and should be a playoff team barring a massive collapse. I'm seeing teams make moves for draft picks in the 4th round range. You make those moves all day long. Any round after 3 is a huge crapshoot and you'd rather have a proven vet that can come in right away to help.

We made a huge trade in 2018 to salvage our season. Why not make some moves to sure up an already solid roster to make a big run the last half of the season?

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