Sometimes silence is golden

Today Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy said at a brief presser that QB Dak Prescott is “having his best offseason program that we’ve had.” He later said that Dak’s “connection with receivers is better.” Went on to say “The real test will be when we get to training camp,” but “the passing game has met all spring thresholds.” Yada yada.

Note to Cowboys front office, coaches and players: Sometimes silence is golden. When your fan base has been hyped, sold, re-sold and hyper-hyped again and again and again….just give it a rest. Especially after the most embarrassing playoff loss in the 64 year history of this franchise.

What should McCarthy, the players and especially the Jones boys be saying? Maybe just once they could simply make generic, simple statements with ZERO hype and ZERO salesmanship and ZERO bravado. For example:

  • “These press conferences will be brief this season.”
  • “This season we are going to let the results do all the talking. We are not going to comment on any specific players right now.”
  • ”These guys are working hard.”
  • ”We’re focused on our work, getting better at each position.”
  • ”When you have a disappointment like last year, you show up to work hard, stay humble and get better.”
  • ”Most practices are open to the press. You can observe who looks good and report accordingly.“

It will never happen. But I would sure welcome a change from the usual over-hyped gobbledy-goop we get starting this time of year. We don’t need to be sold anything.

Show us…don’t tell us.

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