Can the Cowboys beat the Bengals without Prescott?

Not many thought we could beat them with Prescott. And if last weeks performance was an example or guide to this weeks expectations it doesn’t bode well.

After having the top scoring offense last year we were only team without scoring a TD in opening week. And that was with Prescott for most of the game .

The recipe without Prescott must come from our defense and running game . Id say Elliott must have well over a 100 yards and Parsons needs a 3-5 sack game . Defensive player of the week type performance from Micah.

And we need to create some turnovers while not committing any ourselves . Turnover differential is key. A couple big plays from special teams could go a long way. Perhaps a TD on a return from Turpin.

A combination of these contributing factors could take pressure off of needing our depleted receiving corps, makeshift OL and backup QB from additional mistakes and being over matched .

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