Cowboys win mark of a good team

Good teams find a way to win when they have a bad performance.

We provided the Texans every opportunity to win yesterday with multiple turnovers and poor QB play.

It also helped we were playing the worst record team in the league. We probably don’t overcome that poor performance against a playoff caliber team.

I wasn’t totally surprised. I felt it would be hard getting the team up against a 1-10 Texan team being 17 point favorites at home . I felt better after our opening drive . But the fumbled punt provided them their first opportunity.

Just what we didn’t want was to give life and momentum to a team accustomed to losing. But we continued giving them life and momentum . We even provided them on the 4 yard line an opportunity to put the game away.

In the end they acted like a losing team. And our QB and offense came to life with a game winning drive to squash what would have been a very embarrassing loss at home supporting we are more pretenders than contenders.

Bad teams find new ways to lose and good teams find ways to win. Fortunately for us we were facing a very bad team.

We have some more lose-able games coming up. Jags are playing better , Titans usually tough at home, Egirls and Skins . This shouldn’t have been one of them.

Hopefully we can breathe a sigh of relief and it will wake us up. And be thankful we are good enough to overcome.

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